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What is Kite Surfing?

There are so many to see and try in this world! It seems that a lifetime is not enough to try everything. Our world is so diverse that there are many places and things one has never heard of. Activities that are common to do in one area, seem completely crazy in another one. And the crazier it is considered by ones, the more exotic and desired it is for others. One of such activities is kite surfing. Only a little amount of people have tried it. It is more popular in countries located in the southern part of the globe and is enjoyed by tourists.

The idea can be understood from its name. The activity is a combination of wind kiting and water surfing when two wild nature elements are connected together. Exciting emotions overwhelm you and you feel close to nature.

If you are tempted to try kite surfing, you are very welcome to visit us. If you book the activity beforehand, you will be able to choose date, time and best instructors. Our services are pocket-friendly and available to almost every tourist. In case a wether is bad on a surfing day, we can reschedule it or return money to the client. Each client is accompanied by a skilled instructor who will kindly explain the process in details, give useful tips and help coping with fear during the first surf. There is also an option of watching someone’s else kite surfing to ensure it is safe and fun! And of course, our guests can be comfortably placed in the hotel nearby if they want to stay longer and enjoy the sights.